Meet the Staff

Karen Go

Karen created Studio Seventeen so that she can dedicate time working in the Dover community. She wants to make sure kids who don’t have the funds to pay for fun summer activities can have a free alternative. Through her program she hopes to reach out to the youth this summer to share her love for dance and help grow the dance community in Calgary. Karen started her dance journey three years ago with UniverseSoul Dance. In the three years, Karen has accomplished winning 1st place All -Stars at Artist Emerge Edmonton (2016/17), and 2nd Place All-Stars at Represent Edmonton (2017), with Finesse. Aside from building herself as a dancer, Karen has been teaching at UniverseSoul as a teacher assistant for Super Nova and Muse and as a faculty member for drop-in classes. Karen has conceptualized performance sets for Father Lacombe High School and Lester B Pearson High School.

Instagram: @_takekare

Elesar Ngateb 

Elesar has been a competitive dancer for three years under UniverseSoul and grew from the beginner group Super Nova to dancing side by side with his mentors in the elite group, Company. In the span of three years, Elesar has competed numerous times at highly acclaimed events such as Artist Emerge, Represent, and the international event, World of Dance. Also, he has been trained under the careful guidance of Calgary’s finest instructors the skills and values of teaching, community, and leadership which he shares now by teaching and mentoring at studios, schools, public classes, and UniverseSoul’s senior class Apollo, and beginner class Super Nova. Today, Elesar is still pushing himself to grow, constantly choreographing and learning movement both in and outside Calgary, studying sets, and learning the skills and values of leadership, positivity, and community to give back to his home and city.

Instagram: @elesarn28

Jitika Munsha

Jilika Munsha was born in Zambia and grew up in Congo. She is the only child in the family, and English is her second language. She is an assistant manager at Le Chateau. She enjoys working with people and learning more about them just being friendly and she also loves working with children. She is a child of God who loves everyone the same and knows God has something big for her in this beautiful world.